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I am an Engineer from Bengaluru, India, currently working in the US. Besides being an Engineer, I have a huge appetite for good reads and love traveling at leisure. I document my travel escapades to share my experience and record many beautiful memories in stunning locations.


In 2001-02, when I was in the 9th grade, our high school English teacher made us write down hundreds of Similes (a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more vivid). I have treasured the […]

Channapatna Toys

If you are from Karnataka, you would have seen or played with Channapatna toys at least once in your lifetime.Channapatna is a city in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka state, colloquially referred to as Channpatna. The town is well-known for its wooden toys and has the moniker ‘Toy […]

ಕನ್ನಡ ಗಾದೆಗಳು

ಉಪ್ಪಿಗಿಂತ ರುಚಿ ಇಲ್ಲ ತಾಯಿಗಿಂತ ದೇವರಿಲ್ಲ ವೇದ ಸುಳ್ಳಾದರೂ ಗಾದೆ ಸುಳ್ಳಾಗದು ಹಲ್ಲಿದ್ದವನಿಗೆ ಕಡಲೆ ಇಲ್ಲ ಕಡಲೆ ಇದ್ದವನಿಗೆ ಹಲ್ಲಿಲ್ಲ ಅಡಿಕೆಗೆ ಹೋದ ಮಾನ ಆನೆ ಕೊಟ್ಟರೂ ಬಾರದು ಕೈ ಕೆಸರಾದರೆ ಬಾಯಿ ಮೊಸರು ಕುಂಬಾರನಿಗೆ ವರುಷ ದೊಣ್ಣೆಗೆ ನಿಮಿಷ ಮಾತು ಬೆಳ್ಳಿ ಮೌನ ಬಂಗಾರ ನಾಯಿ ಬೊಗಳಿದರೆ ದೇವಲೋಕ ಹಾಳಾಗುತ್ತಾ? ಮಾತು ಮನೆ ಮುರಿತು ತೂತು ಓಲೆ ಕೆಡಿಸಿತು ಎತ್ತಿಗೆ ಜ್ವರ ಬಂದರೆ ಎಮ್ಮೆಗೆ ಬರೆ […]


It was a vacation after seven months, planned to visit our extended family in Arkansas over the Labor Day holiday weekend. Alongside meeting the family, binging over delicacies, celebrating our engagement anniversary, we also planned for an adventure trip and local sightseeing around Bentonville. Arkansas mountains, valleys, dense […]

South Florida

Miami is a paradise of oceanfront cities with diverse neighborhoods. One such place I feel where you can personalize your travel experience. It can be a perfect romantic getaway, or for hanging with a group of friends. The first thing that comes to anybody’s mind is that every […]

Key West

I had heard people say, ‘Key West is a state of mind as much as a place and better experienced first hand at least once in a lifetime.’ V and I, having had a hectic year at work, were looking forward to a laid-back vacation and celebrate our […]

New Jersey – Part 2

It’s been 2.5 years since I moved to New Jersey. After a customary post in 2018 commemorating my Year 1, I did get a chance to explore more places in the state but little chance to document it. So, here comes Part 2 with the help of Google Photos […]


Hawaii – The second archipelago I was visiting in the US after the Thousand Islands. Located outside the continent in the central Pacific Ocean, Hawaii is the most recent, meaning the 50th state of the United States. The volcanic Hawaii archipelago consists of eight main islands, of which […]

Karavali – Uttara Kannada

  Impromptu outings are fun. This one was all the more special as it was our first family outing soon after our wedding to my partner’s grandparents’ house where he spent his vacations as a kid [by now Hum Saath-Saath Hai should be playing in your mind’s eye] […]

Yellowstone National Park

After having explored mostly the concrete jungles of the United States, I wanted to explore the nation’s most treasured landscapes and could not think of anything better than Yellowstone National Park, America’s first National Park. Spread across the states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, with the majority chunk […]

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City was introduced to me by a colleague who had great things to talk about the architecture of Mormon Church. I happened to visit the city on my way to the Yellowstone National Park. Salt Lake City is considered the gateway to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons […]


From the time I set foot in the country, I wanted to visit Boston – one of the oldest cities of the U.S. for all the great things I had heard about it. V and I decided to go on a road trip to Boston for my birthday […]