The Person Behind the Blog

Hello! I am Madhura, an Engineer from Bengaluru, India, currently working in the US. Besides being a Techie, which I love, I have a huge appetite for good reads, love travelling at leisure, and singing.

I do not believe in quitting one’s job to travel the world. It’s rewarding to watch the software I built and supported come alive and support numerous organizations in doing what they do. Also, to be financially independent is empowering.

Taking a break from work to explore a new place, discover new cultures, learn from experiences, appreciate the opportunities you have in life, and come back energised is what I prefer. Therefore, I titled my blog ‘Life Outside the Cubicle‘. I never want my travel to be just about checking off a bucket list.

When I travelled to Ladakh in 2014, many friends and acquaintances wanted to know every detail of the trip which motivated me to start a blog, and from then on I began documenting my travel escapades, not just to share my experience but also to record many beautiful memories made in stunning locations. As much as I hope it helps other travellers, it lets me walk down the memory lane.

I have travelled solo, with family, with my girl gang, with total strangers, and now mostly with my partner. Irrespective of what kind of trip it is, I document every place I visit in my Blogosphere. The regularity of my posts is directly proportional to the frequency of my travel. I hope there is a lot of travel and exploration in all our lives.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Hi Madhura… Remember me? We have met a couple of times.. I stumbled upon your blog from Surya’s blog and I’m glad I did 🙂 .. I love the way you have documented your experiences during your travel escapades… Especially the series on your Himachal trip.. Keep inspiring us dear…

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