Treasure Trove


In 2001-02, when I was in the 9th grade, our high school English teacher made us write down hundreds of Similes (a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more vivid). I have treasured the list ever since. Written down on printing paper from the 2000s (if you remember the perforations on either side), it’s all frail and worn out today. I wanted to save not just the knowledge but sweet high school memories and pass them on as a legacy to my child. Thanks to the digital world, it’s preserved for eternity, both the typed version and the photographs. I will figure out a way to save the handwritten list (shall we take a moment to appreciate the handwriting here? )

I don’t know which book my teacher referred to give due credit, but I will not fail to remember, thank, and give credit to Mrs. BKN. Also, to my brother who took just about THREE years to find this manuscript!


  1. As afraid as a grasshopper
  2. As agile as a cat
  3. As alert as a chamois
  4. As ambitious as the devil
  5. As ancient as the sun
  6. As angry as a pismire
  7. As angry as a wasp
  8. As audacious as the day
  9. As awful as thunder
  10. As awful as silence
  11. As awkward as a cow on ice


  1. As bald as a coot
  2. As bald as an egg
  3. As bare as a stone
  4. As big as an elephant
  5. As big as a whale
  6. As bitter as wormwood
  7. As bitter as gall
  8. As black as coal
  9. As black as a crow
  10. As black as the devil
  11. As black as ink
  12. As black as jet
  13. As black as pitch
  14. As black as soot
  15. As black as thunder
  16. As black as a bat
  17. As blind as a beetle
  18. As blind as a harper
  19. As blind as a mole
  20. As blunt as a hammer
  21. As bold as brass
  22. As bold as a lion
  23. As boundless as the ocean
  24. As brave as a lion
  25. As bright as day
  26. As bright as noonday
  27. As bright as the light
  28. As bright as silver
  29. As brisk as the flea
  30. As brittle as glass
  31. As brown as a berry
  32. As brown as a bun
  33. As busy as a bee
  34. As busy as a hen with one chicken


  1. As calm as death
  2. As careless as the wind
  3. As cautious as a fox
  4. As certain as the rising of the morning sun
  5. As changeable as the moon
  6. As changeable as the weathercock
  7. As chaste as Minerva
  8. As chaste as a lily
  9. As cheap as dirt
  10. As cheap as lies
  11. As cheerful as a lark
  12. As cheerless as a grave
  13. As clean as Dutch Oven
  14. As clean as a whistle
  15. As clear as a bell
  16. As clear as crystal
  17. As clear as daylight
  18. As clear as noonday
  19. As close as wax
  20. As clumsy as a bear
  21. As coarse as fustian
  22. As cold as charity
  23. As cold as a frog
  24. As cold as ice
  25. As cold as a key
  26. As cold as a marble
  27. As cold as a stone
  28. As comely as a cow in a cage
  29. As common as a barber’s chair
  30. As common as poverty
  31. As common as dirt
  32. As complacent as a cat
  33. As confident as justice
  34. As conscientious as a dog
  35. As cool as a cucumber
  36. As countless as the stars
  37. As countless as hairs
  38. As cowardly as a wild duck
  39. As crooked as a corkscrew
  40. As crooked as Crawley Brook
  41. AS cross as a bear with a sore head
  42. As cross as two sticks
  43. As cross as the tongs
  44. As cruel as Media
  45. As cruel as death
  46. As cunning as a fox


  1. As dark as midnight
  2. As dark as pitch
  3. As dark as the night
  4. As dead as a door-nail
  5. As dead as a herring
  6. As dead as mutton
  7. As dead as Queen Anne
  8. As deaf as an adder
  9. As deaf as a beetle
  10. As deaf as a post
  11. As deep as the sea
  12. As delicious as a forbidden fruit
  13. As dirty as a hog
  14. As dismal as a hearse
  15. As distant as the horizon
  16. As dreary as an Asian steppe
  17. As drunk as a beggar
  18. As drunk as a fiddler
  19. As drunk as a fish
  20. As drunk as a lord
  21. As drunk as Davis’s sow
  22. As dry as a biscuit
  23. As dry as a bone
  24. As dry as dust
  25. As dry as a stick
  26. As dull as ditch water
  27. As dull as lead
  28. As dumb as an oyster
  29. As dumb as a statue


  1. As easy as ABC
  2. As easy as lying
  3. As easy as pie
  4. As easy as pot
  5. As eloquent as cicero
  6. As elusive as quicksilver
  7. As empty as space


  1. As fabulous as Aladdin’s ring
  2. As fair as a rose
  3. As faithful as the dog
  4. As false as hell
  5. As familiar as an oath
  6. As fast as a storm
  7. As fast as a hare
  8. As fast as butter
  9. As fast as light
  10. As fat as a hen in the forehead
  11. As fat as a pig
  12. As fearful as Plutus
  13. As fickle as the weather
  14. As fierce as a famished wolf
  15. As fierce as a tiger
  16. As firm as a rock
  17. As firm as steel
  18. As fit as a fiddle
  19. As fixes as fate
  20. As flat as a board
  21. As flat as flounder
  22. As flat as a pancake
  23. As fleet as a deer
  24. As fleet as a greyhound
  25. As fleet as the wind
  26. As foolish as a calf
  27. As free as a bird in air
  28. As free as thought
  29. As free as the wind
  30. As fresh as a daisy
  31. As fresh as dew
  32. As fresh as a rose
  33. As fresh as new paint
  34. As friendly as a puppy
  35. As frisky as a colt


  1. As gaudy as a butterfly
  2. As gaudy as a peacock
  3. As gay as lark
  4. As gay as the spring
  5. As generous as a lord
  6. As gentle as a dove
  7. As gentle as a fawn
  8. As gentle as a lamb
  9. As glad as a fly
  10. As gloomy as night
  11. As glum as an oyster
  12. As good as gold (valuable)
  13. As good as a play (amusing)
  14. As gorgeous as the Heavens
  15. As graceful as a swan
  16. As grave as a judge
  17. As greedy as a wolf
  18. As green as grass
  19. As grim as death
  20. As gruff as a bear


  1. As happy as a lark
  2. As happy as a lord
  3. As hard as flint
  4. As hard as nails
  5. As hard as steel
  6. As hard as a stone
  7. As harmless as a dove
  8. As harsh as a grating wheel
  9. As hateful as hell
  10. As healthy as a May morning
  11. As helpless as a baby
  12. As heavy as lead
  13. As hoarse as a crow
  14. As hollow as a drum
  15. As honest as a mirror
  16. As hot as fire
  17. As hot as pepper
  18. As hot as molten lead
  19. As hungry as a dog
  20. As hungry as a bear
  21. As hungry as the grave
  22. As hungry as a hunter


  1. As ignorant as a child
  2. As immaterial as a ghost
  3. As immense as the sea
  4. As immortal as the stars
  5. As industrious as an ant
  6. As inevitable as death
  7. As innocent as a dove


  1. As jealous as a Spaniard
  2. As jolly as a sandboy
  3. As joyful as a fly
  4. As just as a square (Exact)


  1. As keen as hunger
  2. As keen as a razor


  1. As large as life
  2. As lasting as the pyramids
  3. As lazy as a lobster
  4. As lazy as a toad
  5. As lean as a lath
  6. As lean as a rake
  7. As lean as a skeleton
  8. As light as air
  9. As light as a feather
  10. As light as a fly
  11. As light as thistledown
  12. As like as two drops of water
  13. As like as two peas in a pod
  14. As loose as a rope of sand
  15. As loud as thunder
  16. As lowly as a slave


  1. As mad as Ajax
  2. As mad as a hatter
  3. As mad as a March hare
  4. As malicious as Satan
  5. As mean as a miser
  6. As meek as a lamb
  7. As melancholy as a cat
  8. As merry as a cricket
  9. As merry as a lark
  10. As merry as spring
  11. As mischievous as a cartload of monkeys
  12. As modest as a primrose
  13. As monotonous as the sea
  14. As mute as a fish
  15. As mute as a mackerel


  1. As naked as a needle
  2. As naked as a robin
  3. As near as bark to tree
  4. As nearsighted as a mole
  5. As neat as a new pin
  6. As nervous as a mouse
  7. As noisy as a menagerie


  1. As obstinate as a mule
  2. As old as the hills
  3. As old as Methuselah
  4. As old as time
  5. As opaque as the sky


  1. As pale as death
  2. As pale as a ghost
  3. As patient as Job
  4. As patient as an ox
  5. As peaceful as sleep
  6. As plain as a pikestaff
  7. As plain as the nose on a man’s face
  8. As playful as a kitten
  9. As pleased as Punch
  10. As plentiful as blackberries
  11. As plump as a partridge
  12. As poor as a church mouse
  13. As poor as Job
  14. As poor as Lazarus
  15. As proud as a peacock
  16. As proud as Lucifer
  17. As pure as a lily


  1. As quick as lightning
  2. As quick as thought
  3. As quiet as a mouse


  1. As ravenous as a winter wolf
  2. As red as a cherry
  3. As red as a rose
  4. As red as blood
  5. As red as fire
  6. As regular as clockwork
  7. As restless as the sea
  8. As rich as Croesus
  9. As right as a trivet
  10. As right as rain
  11. As ripe as a cherry
  12. As round as a ball
  13. As round as a globe


  1. As sacred as a shrine
  2. As safe as a thief in the mill
  3. As safe as the bank
  4. As salt as brine
  5. As salt as a herring
  6. As selfish as s fox
  7. As senseless as stones
  8. As shallow as a pan
  9. As sharp as a needle
  10. As sharp as a razor
  11. As sharp as a thistle
  12. As shy as the squirrel
  13. As silent as the dead
  14. As silent as the grave
  15. As silent as the stars
  16. As silly as a goose
  17. As silly as a sheep
  18. As slender as gossamer
  19. As slippery as an eel
  20. As sly as a fox
  21. As smooth as glass
  22. As smooth as velvet
  23. As smooth as a baby’s bottom
  24. As sober as a judge
  25. As soft as butter
  26. As soft as down
  27. As soft as silk
  28. As sound as a bell
  29. As sour as vinegar
  30. As steady as a rock
  31. As stiff as a poker
  32. As stiff as a post
  33. As still as death
  34. As still as the grave
  35. As straight as a die
  36. As straight as a lance
  37. As strong as a horse
  38. As strong as a lion
  39. As strong as an ox
  40. As strong as Hercules
  41. As stupid as a donkey
  42. As stupid as a log
  43. As supple as a snake
  44. As sure as death
  45. As sure as fate
  46. As sure as a gun
  47. As sure as eggs is eggs
  48. As surely as a bear
  49. As sweet as honey
  50. As sweet as sugar
  51. As sweet as a song
  52. As swift as an arrow
  53. As swift as lightning
  54. As swift as thought
  55. As swift as the wind


  1. As talkative as a magpie
  2. As tall as a maypole
  3. As tall as a steeple
  4. As tame as a cat
  5. As tame as a sheep
  6. As tender as a chicken
  7. As terrible as Jove
  8. As thick as a cable
  9. As thick as hailstones
  10. As thick as two thieves
  11. As thin as a wafer
  12. As thin as a rake
  13. As timid as a mouse
  14. As tough as leather
  15. As tough as nails
  16. As transparent as glass
  17. As tricky as a monkey
  18. As true as steel
  19. As true as the gospel
  20. As true as a turtle to her mate


  1. As ugly as a scarecrow
  2. As ugly as a toad
  3. As ugly as a sin
  4. As uncertain as the weather
  5. As unfeeling as rocks
  6. As unreal as a dream
  7. As unstable as water
  8. As upright as a tower


  1. As vague as futurity
  2. As vain as a peacock
  3. As vast as eternity
  4. As voracious as a camel


  1. As warm as wool
  2. As watchful as a hawk
  3. As wavering as Hamlet
  4. AS weak as a kitten
  5. As weak as a baby
  6. As weak as water
  7. As wet as a drowned rat
  8. As white as snow
  9. As white as a ghost
  10. As white as a sheet
  11. As white as a lily
  12. As wise as Solomon
  13. As wise as a serpent
  14. As wise as an owl


  1. As yellow as saffron
  2. As yellow as a guinea
  3. As yielding as wax

Taking different shapes

  1. To spread like wildfire
  2. To follow like a shadow
  3. To sing like a nightingale
  4. To sleep like a top
  5. To drink like a fish
  6. To blush like a black dog
  7. To shake like an aspen leaf
  8. To run like a deer
  9. To melt like wax
  10. To sell like hot cakes
  11. To grin like a Cheshire cat
  12. To fight like Kilkenny cats
  13. To flourish like a green bay tree
  14. To hang on like grim death
  15. To beat one like a stock fish
  16. To talk to one like a Dutch uncle
  17. To be packed like sardines

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