Ranadheera Kanteerava Park

Nanda boulevard – my most favourite road to pass by day or night, gets a new landmark; a park named after Kanteerava Narasaraja Wadiyar I, located near South End Circle. The Garden City of India, Namma Bengaluru abounds with parks, which is a common knowledge. RV Road itself is adorned with numerous parks from Sangam Circle to South End Circle. How different is this park you may ponder? When I read about this park in the newspaper my curiosity got the better of me and decided to go and see for myself. While I was there I knew I had to share this with everybody.


The first thing that catches your eyes is the beautiful sculptures throughout the park. Sculptures of famous rulers of various dynasties that ruled most of the Deccan from 300 AD to 19th century AD such as Mayura Verma of the Kadamba, the first kingdom native to Karnataka; Immadi Pulakeshi of Chalukya dynasty; Amogha Varsha Nrupathunga of the Rastrakoota, with the longest monarchical reigns on record; Vishnuvardhana of the Hoysala dynasty who commissioned Verasa architecture of Belur and Halebidu; Krishnadevaraya, the greatest emperor of Vijayanagara empire. There is also a statue of the enthroned Kanteerava Narasaraja Wadiyar I, after whom the park is named. Each sculpture has a commemorative plaque with information of the great empires in days of yore.




The park also educates the people about various poets of the old, medieval, and modern Kannada literature with their name, place, era, and literary work.


The park has a pond and a beautiful jogging/walking track with different varieties of flowering plants. Benches are creatively made in the shapes of watermelon, apple, hibiscus and human palms.


It has children play area with sand pit, swings, slides and a gigantic sculpture of a child.



A separate space has been created with an open gym facility for men and women. Gym amidst greenery, now how cool is that! The park also provides parking facilities, so people don’t have to worry about parking their vehicles off the ever busy RV Road.



The city opens a pop garden to history. It would be great if the Tourism Department adds this park to the list of tourist places in the city. Head out to admire the artists and their art the city has to offer. Learn about the state’s heritage while you breathe in some fresh air, taking a stroll in the park.

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